Angry Mob Torched Several Churches Against Blasphemy


Several churches have been burned down by an aggressive mob in Faisalabad’s tehsil Jaranwala for alleged Quran blasphemy against a Christian father and a son. The mob claims that a Christian who resides in a Christian colony has desecrated the holy Quran.

The announcement of the desecration was made from the mosque to incite violence, says a Christian activist.

An eyewitness told News Lens Pakistan without disclosing his name said, “Various mosques were used to make announcements to incite the mob and I saw groups coming towards Christian colony. I decided to leave my house immediately with my family. I tried to go out of my current location but was stopped by a Muslim friend by saying the mob is checking the identity cards of locals to find out Christians. Later, we came to know that several churches and houses were burnt as well.”

On this event, Bishop Azad Marshall tweeted “Words fail me as I write this. We, Bishops, Priests and lay people are deeply pained and distressed at Jaranwala incident in the Faisalabad.”

The FIR has been lodged against the father and son for blasphemy. Meanwhile, a heavy contingent of police rushed to the area and assured the growing crowd that the suspects would be nabbed and face legal action.


The Punjab Information Minister told News Lens Pakistan, ” Investigations are underway. According to initial reports, a person desecrated Quran. In reaction, riots erupted there IGP and Punjab Chief Secretary are in Jaranwala while 6500 police and Rangers personnel have been deployed there. Not even a single person has been wounded. Things are under control now.”


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