Family struggles for recovery of kidnapped German man

Shahidullah Shahid (R) spokesman of banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan sits with local commander Azam Tariq (L) as they speak to journalists at an undisclosed location near the Afghan border in Pakistan :Photo by UPI Next

FAISALABAD: Mohammad Din, a twenty-year-old Libyan-born German man, was kidnapped by a militant group associated with Taliban from Afghanistan on Feb 07 2015. His family is still struggling for his release, but all the efforts have gone down the drain as militants demand Rs.5 million ransom amount along with release of their four fellows arrested in connection with this kidnapping.

Mubashir (Din’s Uncle) resident of Chak 65-JB Thekariwala, a rural area of Faisalabad while talking to News Lens Pakistan said his nephew Din “came to Pakistan for the first time with his mother on January 8 2015 and had no acquaintance with anyone in Pakistan and was supposed to return to Germany on Feb 16 2015 as tickets were confirmed.”

“During his stay, Mubashir (a villager) had developed relations with Din. After his kidnapping we found he was a facilitator of militants and police and law enforcement agencies were well aware of this fact”, he added while talking to News lens Pakistan.

“Later, the cell phone data of Din showed that Mubashair made 17 calls to Din and last call received by him was also of this man who used his cell number exclusively to stay in touch with Din.” He revealed while talking to News Lens Pakistan.

On Mubashir’s (Uncle) complaint, Thekariwala police registered kidnapping case on Feb 10, 2015, and arrested Mubashir, his brother Attaur Rehman, two friends Arshad Saeed and Nawaz Ahmed.

Uncle while talking to News Lens Pakistan said that ”instead of investigating and questioning the prospects Police has sent them to jail on judicial remand from where they can get bail. His family members are being threatened for pursuing the case, but they are determined to move ahead till Din’s recovery.”

“My brother, Mehboob, a police constable was attacked by unidentified people. He managed a narrow escape by jumping into watercourse nearby. Instead of registering a case, police is questioning us about the whole episode asking how Mehboob survived, why attackers missed the hit and bullets hit his motorcycle,” Mubashir wept while talking to News Lens Pakistan.

Mubashir reveals while talking to News Lens Pakistan,” We are being harassed than helped and are being asked to drop this case as the man has gone to Afghanistan willingly”.

Mubashir is in surprise and told News Lens Pakistan, “how a man can go to Afghanistan for Jihad who barely knows anything about religion? Why accused prospect used one mobile connection to have contact with him.”

A family member who wished to stay unnamed being government personnel said while talking to News Lens Pakistan, “area notables managed few meetings on this issue. The accused prospects promised return of Din claiming that he is with militants who first kept him in Dalbandin, Balochistan. Later Din will join ISIS for Jihad soon”

“The accused side also submitted an undertaking to the notables that Din would return home soon. This undertaking was provided to police to make it part of the case file but to our surprise the undertaking is missing from the file. “He added while talking to the News Lens Pakistan.

The family member adds as he talks to News Lens Pakistan, “Police seems under pressure in pursuing this case despite providing all the evidences supporting our stance of kidnapping.”

A militant commander Ibrahim was quoted as saying. “We sacrificed thousands of people only to protect our guest (indirectly quoting Al-Qaida head Osama Bin Laden) and did not hand over him to anyone.”

“Ibrahim was in contact with the accused people regularly from Afghanistan, law enforcement agencies are well aware of it with proofs.Earlier Ibrahim demanded the release of four arrested people and now he has added Rs. 5 million as ransom amount to the demand” he claimed while talking to News Lens Pakistan.

The City Police Officer Sohail Habib Tajik said while talking to News lens Pakistan, police registered the case, arrested four people and investigating the issue and it is too early to say either Din is kidnapped or gone to Afghanistan willingly.”


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