Afghanistan: Forces tactically retreated from Want Wegal district

By Pajhwok On Jun 26, 2015 – 14:32

KABUL (Pajhwok): Security forces have technically retreated from Want Wegal district in eastern Nuristan province and they have drawn defence line, a statement from the 201st Selab Military Corps stated.

The statement said militants mounted attack on the district center from multiple sides at around 4:00 am, which was retaliated by Afghan police but the police had to retreat tactically.

Afghan security forces, the 201st Military Corps and other departments’ concerned drew a defence line around the district aimed at encircling militants.

A gigantic plan for carrying out military operation has been devised to get retake control of the areas fallen to Taliban.

Local officials confirmed fall of the district to rebels who hoisted their flag on a building. Taliban set the district office and residential areas on fire. Casualties were inflicted on civilians and military personnel but the officials had no exact figure.

Taliban claimed control over Want Wegal district amid infli8cting heavy casualties on security forces.


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