Buddhist carvings need protection

The world’s second largest rock carved statue of the Buddhist era at Jahanabad Swat, was defaced by the Taliban in 2007. (Fazal Khaliq/UPI Next).

MINGORA, Oct  24,2013 (Fazal Khaliq / UPI Next) — Archaeologists and cultural activists say Buddhist rock carvings in the Swat district of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province are fading fast and urgently need a well-thought-out preservation strategy by the province’s Archaeology Department to protect them from vandalism.

The carvings date from the Gandhara Civilization, considered a cradle of Buddhism, which lasted from early in the first millennium BC to the 11th century AD in what is now northern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan. Most depict Buddha or other prominent figures in ancient Buddhism. The rest are considered masterpieces of art and history that could attract tourists and scholars from around the world.

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