China’s diplomat sees stable Pakistan ahead


LAHORE: In the backdrop of resilient Pak-China relations, only a stable and secure Pakistan is linchpin for uninterrupted investment flow, people to people integration and smooth economic activities, said Lahore Chinese Consulate Deputy Consul General Mr. Peng Zhengwu.

“Stable system matters a lot. It ensures free flow of movement, sense of contentment and hassle-free business opportunities,” he said. He urged for more welcoming atmosphere for Chinese companies, people and foreign investors to help reboot economy on international standards.

He expressed these views at a consultative discussion jointly organized by Institute of International Relations and Media Research (IIRMR) and Punjab University Pakistan Study Center in chair with Muhammad Mehdi at Punjab University Executive Club. Chinese Consulate Attache Liu Zhan, Sichuan University Pakistan Study Center director Mr. Song Zhihui, PU Pro VC Azhar Saleem, PU head of history Dept Dr. Iqbal Chawala, Prof. Amjad Abass Magsi, Ex-Supreme Court Judge Justice Faqir Muhammad Khokhar, Ex-diplomat Javed Nawaz, senior analyst Altaf Hussain Qureshi, Senior Columnist Rauf Tahir, IIRMR president Yasir Habib Khan and Zafar Mehdi of East West Institute were present on the occasion.

Terming CPEC a signature project of BRI, he said that CPEC was not just a corridor rather an epic path to realize the dream of seamless industrial growth, joint ventures, SEZs, socio-economic progress, Agriculture development, cultural connectivity, peace and prosperity in the region. “To bolster Pakistan economy, Chinese companies and people have already been coming to Pakistan. In order to see more fresh probabilities for investments, millions of Chinese poise to pour in. Now the question is how much Pakistan is ready and open to impending influx.” he said.

“Chinese people desire to have free flow of movements, choice of their foods, availability of cost-effective residence and reasonable commutations. Such conducive environment is basic demand aspired globally by every investor and general public.”

In terms of grooming Pakistan laborers and engineers, under CPEC Chinese companies have launched various program to impart technical education and skills to local manpower. In Agriculture field, Mr. Peng gave example of HS agriculture PVT LTD for equipping Pakistani people with new technological and innovative techniques.

IIRMR Chairman Muhammad Mehdi said that as sky was limit for improvement, so still there were series of things that had to be carried out to take Pak-China relations and CPEC to new heights weathering barrage of challenges. He endorsed the statement of former DCM and deputy director general, information department, ministry of Foreign Affairs China, Lijian Zhao for hailing verdict of Lahore High Court (LHC) orders to permit former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to travel abroad for treatment. He demanded for Panda Diplomacy as observed by China globally by donating Pandas for Lahore Zoo to win the hearts of People.

Chinese diplomat Liu Zhan said “our Consulate try to enhance education and culture cooperation between China and Pakistan as two Confucius institute have been established in Punjab. Many Chinese universities signed MOUs with Punjab universities. We encouraged both sides’ scholar visits. In future we hope more and more Chinese education institute to collaborate with local educational institutions.”

Sichuan University (China) Pakistan Study Center Director Mr. Song Zhihui said that politically both Pakistan and China were fine but economically still there was lot of room to thrive jointly. He highlighted China’s booming demand for Mango, various fruits and other exportable items from Pakistan asking local exporters to capitalize the opportunity in fullest manner. “We have a number of Pakistan study centers in Chinese universities,” he revealed and hoped for more MOUs to promote bilateral educational ties. He informed that approximately 0.5 million students have been studies in different disciplines and programs in Chinese Universities and number kept growing.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Song said Chinese entrepreneurs are looking for potential partners in Pakistan to start joint ventures in building material and construction to make home construction cost-effective, “China looks forward to strengthening inclusive cooperation and transporting the benefits of CPEC to the citizens of Pakistan. With relocation of Chinese companies, establishment of more vocational and technical training centres in order to help Pakistan improve its human resources, especially of the youth, he expected that economic and social prosperity can be achieved.

Punjab University Pro VC Azhar Saleem called for more people-friendly Chinese Visa policy especially for academician, media people and businessmen by granting visa with multiple entries and longer period at least for 10 years as practiced globally proposed. He proposed for more MOUs with Chinese universities to enhance scope of exchange of students and scholars.

“No matter how international and regional dynamics may change, the China-Pakistan relationship remains uncompromised,” Dr. Iqbal Chawla said.  Prof Amjad Magsi said that successive Pakistani all successive governments considered bilateralism with China as the cornerstone of their foreign policies and such support was manifested in the collaboration undertaken by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Former Supreme Court Judge

Justice Faqir Muhamma Khokhar highlighted the importance of formation of CPEC authority and underlined the need for technical training to Pakistan man force by Chinese experts in Agriculture field.

Veteran Journalist Altaf Hassan Qureshi emphasized the need for deepening the scope of extensive people to people contact, literary cooperation and cultural integration.


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