PTI’s legislator in Sindh Assembly proposes export of stray dogs to China and Philippine


Lahore:  (News Lens Pakistan) A PTI’s legislator in Sindh Assembly, Seema Zia has submitted a resolution in Sindh Assembly that stray dogs should be exported abroad.

In the resolution, the legislator said that number of stray dogs is increasing in Karachi. At the moment, there are over one hundred thousand stray dogs in Karachi only.  She also pointed out that the incidents of dog bites are also increasing in the city, inflicting rabies to the citizens which is a grave issue.”  Shortage of vaccination for rabies makes the situation worst,” she said.

She proposed that Pakistan should make a policy for exporting stray dogs to China and Philippine. In Pakistan civic institutions have failed to control the stray dogs‘ population. In order to control their population, officials kill them by using poison, swords or guns.


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