A Wish to change People’s Mindsets


Tehmina Durrani, belongs to a Pashtun family of Nowshera. She was a banker by Profession but then had to quit pressured by the sexism of society and family as they believed working in a bank is quite degrading and tough for a women and considered notable only when men in our society occupy the position.

Then after leaving her job she started working as a business women and opened a parlor in Mardan, but alas it was not an easy going job in the conservative society of Mardan. She faced multiple problems at the start of her business, competitors would vandalize their advertisement boards, but she remained persistent & today after spending 5 years she is running her parlor as a successful business. She hired around 10 educated girls to help around, trained them in new techniques. Tehmina when asked to comment on how society has reacted to her business says ofttimes she wishes she could change people’s mentality towards Parlors similar to how we here can change people’s faces, but could not change their stubborn outlook.

She said “Still to date many ladies when visiting during the holy month of Ramadan have the audacity to ask the women if they are fasting as they are still stricken with the stigma that all those ladies who run or work in parlors are not fasting.”, Tehmina requested her staff girls to carry a scarf on their heads just because some women consider it indect to be without one which is why she started administering a uniform dress code even inside parlor.

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