My one rupee is worthier than the others’ thousands


Mardan is second largest city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. In the rural areas/villages of Mardan, men usually go to markets and bring all everyday items for their females, who don’t have access to markets so they cannot open their own shops in their homes, which is a routine matter in the villages of Punjab.

Sara is a small girl living in the outskirts of Mardan and is a student of class 3 in a local primary school. She goes to school in morning and after school she runs her small shop inside her home. Children and ladies of the area come to her home and buy daily use commodities from Sara’s shop.

Sara’s friends say that she is very disciplined as a shop runner. She sells candies, chips, biscuits, lollypops, sweets, house hold items like salt, spices, washing powder and detergents, threads and some cosmetics.

Old women of the village say that whenever young girls of their families need any thread or matching laces for designing clothes, they just rush to Sara’s shop without any hesitation and buy conveniently.

Sara wants to be a financially independent woman. Her ambition led her to start this small business with the help of her father and mother. She says, “My hard-earned one rupee is worthier than others’ thousands.”

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