Faisalabad’s target killer gang panics parliamentarians and traders

: Photo By News Lens Pakistan / Matiullah Achakzai
Pakistani Police pointing their aim during training at firing range : Photo By News Lens Pakistan / Matiullah Achakzai

FAISALABAD: Parliamentarians of Faisalabad are much perturbed these days as a gang of target killers has been arrested by the police that revealed the names of some MPs as their targets.

A former police official, Farrukh Waheed, allegedly leads a gang of target killers in district Faisalabad for years under the umbrella of Faisalabad police.

Ali Commando of Wazir Abad, an active shooter of Gujranwala confessed to the killing of 19 people including Bhola Gujjar and Rana Zeeshan, a close friend of former Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah. Ali Commando revealed that Farrukh Waheed gave him names to kill.

City Police Officer, Sohail Habib Tajik told News Lens Pakistan, “Killings of Bhola Gujjar in January and Rana Zeeshan in December alerted police as the pattern of assassination was same. Police immediately launched an investigation with the help of cell phone data and arrested a police constable Tahir who later confessed his involvement in target killing.”

“A former union council nazim Anjum Niaz, a close friend of Farrukh Waheed is also in police custody following information given by Tahir. Najebullah, Faisal alias Jappa, Jehangir alias Jugnu, Nafees alias Goga, Mian Ayaz, Farhan and Asif alias Noni Butt are other members of the gang,” he added while talking to News Lens Pakistan.

More than five to six shooters of the gang along with ringleader Farrukh Waheed are still missing and all the efforts are being made to arrest them. This gang targets people by taking the money and is operational for more than 5 years now under the umbrella of police.

State minister for water and power, Abid Sher Ali while talking to News Lens Pakistan said,” On chief minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif’s visit to Faisalabad all the parliamentarians had a meeting where they demanded a joint investigation team to grill the arrested gang. CM is requested to include members of ISI, Intelligence Bureau and other law enforcement agencies to reach all criminals and the hidden hands giving those names to target killers. ”

“The parliamentarians will leave no stone unturned to punish the culprits as they are very upset and frightened. Arresting Waheed will lead to revelations about the targeted killing of parliamentarians and traders. It is the responsibility of the police to expose the facilitators of such gangs “, he added while talking to News Lens Pakistan.

Pakistan Muslim League-N, MNA Dr. Nisar told News Lens Pakistan,” government is providing billions of rupees to the police department for the security of masses. Revelations of the arrested shooter has shocked us all. It is testing time for everyone to expose the hidden agendas behind such gangs.”

One wonders how a policeman kept using the proclaimed offenders as target killers in the presence of so many senior police officers; the accused former SHO had also taken part in a number of encounters.

“An extensive effort is required to clean police department from corruption as some officials at the Crime Investigation Agency, Faisalabad are also found involved in suspicious activities,”he added while talking to News Lens Pakistan.

Former law minister Rana Sanaullah talked to News Lens Pakistan telling, “All members of the gang will be punished and efforts are underway to deal with this matter. I personally admired Farrukh Waheed because he killed notorious people during encounters, but any illegal activity of a police officer cannot be forgiven.”

“Inspector General of Police Punjab Mushtaq Sukhera will probe the matter in detail on the orders of CM Punjab Shahbaz Shareef,” he added while talking to News Lens Pakistan.


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