Mortar shells for villagers

Villagers in the Sialkot District located in the north-east of the Punjab province of Pakistan show shells of mortars fired by Indian Border security Force. (Rana Sajid/UPI Next).

SIALKOT,  Nov 25,2013 (Ihsan Qadir / UPI Next) — A lull in fighting between India and Pakistan along the countries’ common border in the disputed region of Kashmir has given villagers a moment of relief from renewed tensions between the feuding neighbors.

“We thank God that the shelling and firing have stopped,” Naziran Bibi of Joyan village, about a half mile from the Pakistani border along Indian Kashmir, who was injured Oct. 17 by Indian Border Security Force firing, told UPI Next.

“I am getting treatment at home peacefully.”

The two countries have fought three conventional wars and several skirmishes over Kashmir. They signed a cease-fire agreement in 2003, but recently each accused the other side of committing the worst violations since then.

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