Significant malnutrition problems

A Pakistani vendor carries sweets to the market for customers shopping for the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday

KARACHI, Aug 4,2013 (Moniza Inam / UPI Next) — Moosa Khan, a low-level worker in Karachi’s local government, is one face of Pakistan’s significant problem with malnutrition.

He looks back nostalgically at the time when he could feed his family three solid meals a day. Now, he calls nutritious, wholesome meals “a luxury,” adding, “more often than not we have nothing to eat.”

Pakistan is suffering from acute food insecurity, particularly in the southern province of Sindh. The province’s Planning and Development Department recently reported that eight of its 23 districts have “extremely poor access to food.”

Figures from the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, a policy analysis organization in Islamabad, indicate that nearly 48 percent of Pakistan’s population lacks sufficient access to food and is anemic and malnourished. In some parts of the country, the problem is especially serious. Pakistan was 75th among the 107 countries ranked by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Food Security Index for 2013

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