Popularity of Western fashion

A model wears a dress combining classic Pakistani style with Western contemporary.

KARACHI, July 24,2013 (Lubna Jerar Naqvi / UPI Next) — Western fashion is making inroads in Pakistan, sparking disapproval from conservatives who at the same time recognize the economic benefits of growing the industry.

Fashion fans and ramp models cut bright and shapely figures during January’s Pakistan Fashion Week, no longer afraid to wear the bold designer outfits and strapless evening gowns denounced by Islamists and a conservative culture. Indeed, despite the threat of terrorist attack, red carpet events are held in major cities, and women increasingly mix Western clothes into their modest wardrobes.

Anila Shakeel, 29, has been to almost all the events in, Lahore, a symbol of the new mood.

Read more Popularity of Western fashion in Pakistan spurs mixed reactions – UPI.com.


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