New Prime Minister seen facing major challenges

welcoming ceremony at the Prime Minister House in Islamabad on June 5, 2013. UPI/Sajjad Ali Qureshi 

KARACHI, June 5,2013 (Manzoor Chandio / UPI Next) — Economic issues, domestic polarization, regional conflicts and a tradition of military intervention present Pakistan’s new prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, major challenges as the country makes its first transition between democratically elected governments since independence, experts say.

Sharif is marking his third term as prime minister.

Throughout the campaign, he cited poor governance, deteriorating law and order, breaches of sovereignty, corruption, inflation, power cuts, unemployment and increasing poverty as issues his government would tackle.

“Pakistan, both as a country and society, has been confronted with these concerns for a long time,” Khalida Ghaus, managing director of the Karachi-based Social Policy and Development Center, told UPI Next.

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