Women faced major hurdles at polls

A group of women vote at a polling station in Chman, a town near the Pak-Afghan border in Balochistan

KARACHI, May 20,2013 (MANZOOR CHANDIO / UPINext) — Women in this month’s Pakistani elections were intimidated or blocked from voting in some areas of the country, but many say their families compelled them to vote – usually for their husband’s or father’s choice of candidate.

Bachal Khatoon, a Sindh woman in her 50s, cast her ballot as her husband instructed. Her father used to control her vote when she lived at home, she said.

She told UPI Next she did not know the candidates well. Therefore, she said, I voted for the candidate who is only known to my husband.”

A record number of Pakistanis went to the polls to elect Nawas Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League party, despite a Taliban ban on women’s participation.

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