Fifteen killed in election rally bombing


PESHAWAR,  May 6,2013 (ADNAN RASHID / UPI Next) — Fifteen people were killed and more than 40 injured May 6 when a powerful bomb blast went off at an election rally for Munir Orakzai, a Jamiat Ulema e Islam party National Assembly candidate, in the Sewak area of the northwest Orakzai tribal region.

Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a banned pro al-Qaida group, claimed responsibility for the attack in a press release sent to news organizations.

A top official of tribal region, Riaz Khan, told reporters, ”The bomb exploded when the rally was about to finish. There are 15 dead and over 40 injured, who have been shifted to different hospitals.”

Party spokesman Jan Achakzai told UPI Next, “Our 15 activists embraced martyrdom but Munir remained unhurt.”

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