The Sweet Affair


Jaggery which is commonly called GUR in Pakistan. It is a natural product of sugarcane – an unrefined form of sugar. Gur is commonly made from sugarcane. The process of making gur is easier and more convenient than sugar, and  healthier than consuming refined sugar as well. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, Mardan and Charsada district are considered the largest producers and consumers of jaggery. Gur is mainly for human consumption, and is used in making sweet items. Gur waly chawal (rice with gur in it) is a very popular dish in Pakistan. Gur ki roti is another specialty in which gur is mixed up with the whole wheat and is deep or shallow fried to taste. Gur ka Halwa is another delicacy in which wheat flour is the second dish major ingredient.

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