Frequent blasts at Makli Hill- a threat to structures


Thatta:  A site that en-houses Asia’s 2nd biggest necropolis, marvelous mausoleums and thickly populated residential houses constructed by Turkish government for flood affected families after 2010 is threatened by the high sounds of blasts echoing that often jolts the vicinities.

General Secretary Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) Thatta Chapter Sadiq Ali Memon told News Lens Pakistan that more than a dozen crushing plants were in operation in vicinity of Thatta Cement Factory, Army Public School & College and newly constructed high walled District Jail. He said, “Routine extraction of heavy boulders through blasting rocky mountainous range to later on produce and make stone granules of various sizes, Reti Bajri (Stone Dust for construction) has rendered considerable damages to the structures, many of them got peeled off and developed cracks.”

Humaira Alwani a former member of Sindh Assembly and resident of Makli told News Lens Pakistan that round the clock the residents, students, laborers and people of other walks of life remain prey to the flashing sounds of explosions which also effect the structures, we are exhausted of them.”

Principal of Government College Makli and Director General Culture Department Sindh, Dr. Muhammad Ali Manjhi said that Army Public School & College, Concept School and College, City School, Shah Latif, Makhdoom High School, Navigator School and College and a number of other public and private academies are troubled by these frequent blasts being made for stone extraction through high intense explosives.

Manjhi further said, “Not only the newly and near future structures of Makli are at stake due to these frequent blasts but, the marvelous mausoleums of the rulers spanning over four dynasties including Jam Nizam-ud-Din, Essa Khan Tarkhan, Doolah Dariya Khan, Maai Makli, Kalakot and other sites of historical importance are also under threat.”

While talking to News Lens Pakistan, some private crushing owners bluntly said that the owners were paying the stakeholders in the same coin. Yousaf Khan, a crushing owner, said, “Few of the office bearers and activists of Nationalists parties as well as ruling party were availing free crush Reti and Bajri. In return, they will not disturb our business.” He boldly admitted that even the concerned officials were getting their palms greased every month and some of socio politically influential groups were running illegal royalty posts at various points and earning huge sums through our business.

Dr. Altaf Khuwaja, a member PPP Sindh Council, other political activists including Dada Qadir Ranto Provincial Vice President Qomi Awami Tahreek Sindh and citizens of Makli hill said, the area is a junction in between Karachi, Hyderabad, Badin, Keti Bunder, Sujawal and other important towns, therefore, it should not be allowed to be damaged at any cost. There is need for immediate steps to relieve the population of the menace.


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