Activists welcome home-based worker proposals

Efforts are under way in Pakistan to improve the lot of the country’s home-based workers, such as these quilt makers, who sometimes earn a $1 a day or less while working long hours. Photo from HomeNet Pakistan website.

LAHORE, March 13,2014 (Ihsan Qadir / UPI Next) — Some human rights activists in Pakistan have welcomed proposed federal government policies and provincial legislation aimed at improving conditions for the country’s home-based workers.

HomeNet Pakistan, a collection of organizations that advocates for rights of such workers, estimates 5 million Pakistanis work from home for other employers, with 80 percent of them women and 65 percent living in urban or semiurban areas. They work in informal and unorganized areas such as garment making, hand-loom weaving and selling newspapers.

“They face modern slavery in the sense that they work indoors for 12 hours, but only get $1 or less per day in many cases,” Umme Laila Azhar, executive director of HomeNet Pakistan, told UPI Next.

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