Pakistan’s son gets ‘Servant of God’ title for his bravery


Lahore: Vatican City has announced Akash Bashir Pakistan’s first official candidate for sainthood. Akash Bashir died as a martyr while seeking to prevent a suicide bomber from entering a packed catholic church.

A 20-year-old boy named Akash Bashir was guarding the gate of Saint John Catholic Church in Youhanabad, a densely populated Christian neighborhood in Lahore on March 15, 2015, voluntarily. It was the time when the church was packed and the religious activity was being held by the bishop.

It was 11 am on Sunday when two suicide bombers tried to enter the church where over a thousand worshipers were busy in praying.

Another young boy in his early 20s who was also serving the church as a volunteer guard along with Akash told News Lens Pakistan, requesting for anonymity because of his safety, “I and Akash was guarding the gate on that morning as the prayer was going on. We knew about the security threat. I went inside the church to have water and suddenly I hear the gun shots. I was terrified and meanwhile the blast happened. I saw the gate flying in the air.” He said that he rushed towards the gate and found Aksah’s body on the ground.” He has saved dozens of precious lives by offering his owns in God house”, said the volunteer.

Akash was a student of Don Bosco Technical Institute. Akash’s Younger brother Ramish told News Lens Pakistan “After the incident many foreign Christian People came to visit their home to investigate about Akash and I know that he is going to be granted with the title ‘The Servant of God’ and after two days I saw the Don Bosco website that Vatican City has announce the title for him.”

Akash father is a painter and his mother is a house wife. His mother Naz Bano said “Akash would go to the church to offer his service voluntarily. I stopped him several time that there is a threat and recently we came to know about the Peshawar attack on Church. He asked me a question that you don’t like when I guard the Church?” She added it was Sunday when she did not go to Church. When she heard the explosion, she remembered his son is guarding the Church. “I came out of the house with my youngest son. People where running away and I found out there were two explosions in both churches.”  She said that she looked for her son among the fleeing people but could not find him.

“Suddenly my youngest boy Ramish saw a body in the dust when he shouted with pain ‘mother this is Akash’. Initially I did not believe him then I recognized my son lying on the ground,” said Bano.

She said, “I am convinced that my son left the world for a good cause and not for any drug or any other bad habit. My grief is big but I am happy that he gave his life to save hundreds of lives for which he is rewarded in this world.”

Lahore’s Arch Bishop Sebastian shah told News Lens Pakistan “This honor is given to those who do special acts for their people.” This title for Akash is an honor for Pakistan, Christian community and all peace loving people on the globe.ra


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