Afghanistan: Growing insecurity hampering PC members’ work

 By Nasim Hotak On Jul 01, 2015 – 14:44

KALAT (Pajhwok): The members of provincial council in southern Zabul province claimed discharging their duties efficiently but deteriorated law and order situations were greatest hurdles to address pressing issues of residents of the province.

Asadullah Kakar, secretary provincial council, told Pajhwok Afghan News that strengthening unity among different tribes of the province was of one the major achievements of the council.

A committee of local elders from different tribes has been formed who provide complete support and share suggestions with provincial council members when any issue takes place in the province, he added.

The provincial council members pay regular visits to their areas to observe the situation closely and hear people grievances, h says.

They have been striving, he said to resolve people’s problems at the earliest, with their main focus on education, health and agricultural sectors since the local residents need immediate support in these sectors.

Police and security departments as well as civilian officials’ performance had been evaluated and the officials concerned were asked to improve their performance.

Asadullah Kakar, a resident of the locality, said that people were confronted with a number of problems and the provincial council members put all their efforts to address them.

He also acknowledged that insecurity and worst law and order situations had paralyzed development and performance of the members.

Lack of financial resources was major obstacle which the members had been confronted with, the provincial council secretary said, adding that they would leave no stone unturned to resolve people’s problems.

The provincial council office had been damaged and dozens of people were killed in a suicide attack one month back and the members were forced to work in another adjacent building.

Zabul provincial council has nine members with two of them are female members.


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