Afghanistan: Kandahar bank manager returns with stolen money

By Basher Ahmad Naadim On Jun 28, 2015 – 23:07

KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): The central bank official, who stole 76 million afghanis from the bank’s Spin Boldak branch in southern Kandahar province and fled to Pakistan, has returned the money to the authorities.

Da Afghanistan (central) Bank branch manager Syed Ahmad Agha committed the act with the help of co-workers and fled to Pakistan with the money about four months ago.

After hectic efforts by local officials, the manager brought back the money and handed over it to the authorities. He pleaded guilty and said he wanted to save the money from being misappropriated.

He said after contacts with the Kandahar police chief, he returned to Kandahar and handed over the money to the government.

He called for justice with him and other co-accused, all in jail now. Agha said some of the detained persons were innocent and he apologized to them.

Police have been investigating the incident over the past few months. Kandahar crime branch police chief Brig. Gen. Abdul Rahim said the bank manager had returned to Kandahar on his own free will with the stolen money.

He said police were investigation Agha’s claim that he wanted to save the money from being looted. He said seven people had been arrested in connection with the theft.

Central bank southern zone treasury chief Noor Mohammad told reporters all the stolen money had been returned.

Not only seven persons have been detained in connection with the act but the zonal chief has also been suspended.


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