Sexual abuse in children

Pakistani citizens, psychologists and social scientists are focusing more attention on the issue of child sex abuse, a scourge that often goes unaddressed in the country. UPI file photo.

LAHORE, Dec 5,2013 (Ihsan Qadir / UPI Next) — The Sept. 14 gang rape of a 5-year-old girl in Lahore has shaken Pakistanis, and psychologists and social scientists are citing social factors as a major cause of increasing sexual abuse of children.

Terrorism, inflation, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment are among factors creating frustration among adults, who take it out on children, experts told UPI Next.

Lahore police spokesman Nayab Haider told UPI Next back October that 98 people had been questioned as suspects in the Sept. 14 rape, although no one had yet been charged.

After the rape, hundreds of people across Pakistan, including aid organization workers and ordinary citizens, took to the streets in protest, demanding the arrest of the rapists. Television, radio and newspapers gave the issue widespread coverage.

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