Residents say Karachi is a dangerous city

Pakistani security forces stand guard as trucks carrying NATO and U.S. military vehicles from U.S. base in Kandahar, Afghanistan cross the border at Chaman, Pakistan to the port of Karachi on September 2, 2013. UPI/Matiullah.

KARACHI, Sept 22,2013 (Filza Khurram / UPI Next) — Many Karachi residents apparently agree with a U.S. magazine’s claim that the Pakistani city of 21 million is a dangerous place to live.

An article in the current issue of Foreign Policy magazine called “Cooking in Karachi,” about Pakistan and the methamphetamine trade called Karachi “far and away the world’s most dangerous megacity,” and reported it has “a homicide rate of 12.3 per 100,000 residents, some 25 percent higher than any other major city.”

The article has received substantial publicity in Pakistan. Many Karachi residents interviewed by UPI Next agreed the shipping and financial center that is the largest city in Pakistan and the capital of the southern Sindh province is dangerous, citing a number of factors.

“Karachi has entirely changed,” Masooma Ali, wife of an army colonel, told UPI Next.

“This cosmopolitan city was once called ‘the city of lights.’ Today, it is called the city of chaos, the city of looting, the city of target killings.”

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