Rains bring new life and tourism to Thar Desert

A wildlife desert flower is blooming in the Thar Desert of southern Pakistan, which usually suffers with droughts, but recent monsoon rains that started have transmuted this desert into the lush green pastures.

KARACHI, Sept 20,2013 (Amar Guriro / UPI Next)  — Deadly monsoons across much of Pakistan have caused the Thar Desert to bloom, spurring tourism that is helping the local economy to flourish.

The rains each season since 2010, which cause flash floods in middle and upper Pakistan, have brought new life to the once-barren desert in southeastern Pakistan along the Indian border. The region is now becoming a tourist destination, with visitors attracted by its natural beauty and who find it a rare peaceful oasis in an often-turbulent country.

Tourism industry sources said tens of thousands of tourists came to the desert’s southern parts this summer, including the Tharparkar District. The tourists are mostly Pakistani, although a few foreigners have come, most from international non-governmental organizations, they said.

Tour operators say the rise has provided employment to many residents of the desert, and local shopkeepers are happy with the increasing traffic

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