Water scarcity in future

A vagabond girl traveling by donkey on the Quetta-Qila Saifullah highway searches for drinking water to bring to her family in Balochistan, Pakistan on August 21, 2013. UPI Next/Matiullah. 

LAHORE, Sept 13,2013 (Ihsan Qadir / UPI Next) — Despite abundant water resources and heavy monsoon rains in four consecutive years, experts say Pakistan will face an acute water shortage in the not-too-distant future, disrupting lives and potentially leading to war with India.

Summer floods left more than 178 dead, yet Pakistan has few dams to capture rainwater, and millions of gallons run out to sea each year. Consequently, many Pakistanis have no access to clean drinking water, and farmers lack irrigation water. Agriculture, the backbone of the economy, depends on rivers flowing from India.

Another issue is pollution. On Aug. 19, the government informed the National Assembly that more than 80 percent of water samples collected across the country were found unsafe for drinking. It asked provincial governments to take measures against the increasing contamination.

Read more Experts say future water scarcity threatens Pakistan – UPI.com.


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