Recovering from dengue outbreak

Since the dengue fever epidemic started in Pakistan’s Swat district, the clinical lab at the Saidu Group Teaching Hospital has been receiving 3,000-4,000 blood samples for dengue tests every day. (UPI Next).

SAIDU SHARIF,  Oct 15,2013 (Adnan Rashid / UPI Next) — Pakistan’s Swat district is recovering from its first dengue fever outbreak, with the number of new patients dropping, the doctor in charge of the district health department says.

Authorities declared an emergency in the area Sept. 18. The outbreak started the second week of August.

Twenty-nine people had died as of Oct. 13, and more than 8,920 tested positive, Dr. Haider Ali, who is in charge of the dengue unit at the Swat District Health Department, told UPI Next, The district’s health officer, Dr. Abddul Khaliq, told UPI Next the number of new patients is now decreasing.

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