Rules of News Lens Pakistan

News Lens Pakistan is a news cooperative for the benefit of journalists, news outlets, and the people of Pakistan. Its aim is to create, publish and distribute high-quality content throughout the country and to the rest of the world. In the process of creating that content, News Lens will improve the skills and raise the standards for Pakistani journalists, wherever they may be. Its members benefit from identification with this professional, nonpartisan, national news outlet, via its professional training opportunities as well as wide distribution of their best content.

The existing rules of the News Lens Pakistan news cooperative are as follows and apply to the work of all members – individual reporters and outlets alike.

  1. Contributors to the News Lens Pakistan news cooperative, whether working directly for News Lens or as staff of a news cooperative member outlet, agree to allow publication and archiving of articles and multimedia content submitted to the news cooperative on the cooperative website, and for such content to be distributed directly to member outlets for their optional publication.
  2. Content submitted to the news cooperative shall be original work; or, if previously published, shall be noted as such upon submission along with written transfer of the appropriate publication rights to the news cooperative.
  3. All outlet members agree that when publishing News Lens articles they will give credit to the original author along with the byline of News Lens Pakistan.
  4. All members, whether individuals or news outlets and their staff, agree to follow membership policies and ethical standards.